About campaign Watch out garbage!

Green Initiatives contributes to sustainable waste management system in Serbia by establishing functional mechanisms for stimulation of primary waste selection through participation of all relevant actors in society. So far, within its activities Green initiative collected more than 30 tons of waste (paper, PET packaging, electronic and electrical waste) that that was shipped to recycling facilities.  More then 3000 citizens participated in this activities and over 3.500 signatures of citizens’ support for petition for the legalization of work of individual collectors. All these activities were covered with more than 350 media reports.

To raise awareness on the importance of the primary selection and recycling, increase citizens’ participation and recycling businesses in the collection of recycling materials  and affect  creation of financial conditions for organized institutional work of individual collectors,  Green Initiative has launched a campaign called Watch out garbage!

Campaign Watch out garbage! is addressing to all citizens in Serbia (general public), environmental organizations, media, recycling operators (business sector) and internet users.

With campaign Watch out garbage! we wish to inform and educate citizens in Serbia on the importance of the primary selection and offer them a solution for sorting and recycling their household waste.

Green initiative marked the beginning of campaign Watch out garbage! by celebration of World Environment Day, at Nikole Pasica Square, with an event called What monuments is our civilization leaving behind?