Waste management problem is not a new problem in Serbia, and it does not consern only state institutions, but all it’s citizens. Green initiative representatives feel a need and a responsibility to help institutions and society in Serbia in overcoming challanges and problems with which Republic of Serbia is currently faced with, in this area.

It is estimated that more than 40% of generated communal waste is trown away on  ilegal landfills, which are 4481 in Serbia, usualy located near rivers, city squares and parks creating not only a significant ecological problem, but a seriouse healt seriouse helath threat. Besides, landfills are the most expencive waste management treatment, they represent a log term obligation, a great investments, and also local citizens are against it. Stimulating primary selection of waste and recycling, would positivly reflect on solving problem of landfills. Except ecological, recycling also has a an economical benefit. It is estimated that global recycling industry generates 160 billion dollars annually, and employs over 1.5 million people, while Serbia, according to estimations, losses at least 50 million Euros in tax revenues as a result of the secondary waste which is thrown away on landfills as opposed to being recycled. Also, compared to European countries, which in average recycle 50% of the waste, in Serbia that percentage is 5 time less.

Development of primary selection of waste and recycling industry would also contribute to solving a problem of individual collectors of secondary raw materials. Vulnerable social groups, especially Roma nationality, collect 75% of total recycling materials in Serbia. Their integration in system, and institutionalization of their activity would significantly contribute to development of primary selection, but would also have a positive effect on economy.

By a joint action of organization of civil society in a network of Green initiative, and cooperation with competent state institutions and other actors in society, we will endeavour to contribute to overcoming current problems and development of environment protection field.