Street Festival  ofactivism “Vreva”, was opened yesterday at  Knez Mihailo Street with environmental performance which Green initiative carried out together with a group of artists “Cirkusfera” and exhibition about life in of scavengrers.

Environmental show, in which several artists from ‘Cirkusfera ” playing roles of businessmen dressed in suits made of recycled materials, ranging from three directions and attracting attention of passers by collecting waste from street, gathered at Knez Mihailo street and sent a message ” Pazi đubre! ” to all visitors.

This environmental performance of Green initiative reminded all visitors that waste is not garbage but secondary materials and that anyone can easily sort and recycle waste.

Visitors of the event received  T-shirts within environmental campaign “Pazi đubre!” and 2,000 bags for sorting waste containing Recycling Address Book, with information on places where they can deliver waste for recycling.

Performance was followed by the opening of a photo exhibition by Dragan Kujundzic titled “The Power of the street” with photographs of everyday life and severe work conditions of individual collectors of recyclable materials, and presented data on their importance in the chain of waste management. There are between 35,000 and 55,000 individual collectors of waste in Serbia, and thy collect approximately 75 percent of waste that is recycled in Serbia.

Participating in the festival Vreva, Green initiative  continues campaign “Pazi đubre!” which affects the awareness on the importance of recycling and waste primary selection, and offers solutions to  citizens how they can recycle their waste.

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