On August 28, in front of Ušće Shopping mall, within Naxi radio and Ušće Open Air manifestation, Green initiative organized an environmental performance with a group of artists from Cirkusfera sending a message on the importance of recycling to citizens.

During the event, on its stand, Green initiative representatives delivered visitors nearly 1,000 bags for waste separation with a link to a Recycling Address book on Green initiative website, which currently provides locations of more than 450 recycling islands in Serbia and is still updating interactively with citizens and recycling operators.

Besides enjoying in circus arts, visitors received from Green initiative representatives useful ideas on how to re-use old stuff, practical advice on how they  could recycle, and valuable gifts from environmental campaign “Pazi djubre!”.

With this event Green Initiative continues campaign  “Pazi djubre!” which affects the awareness citizens of the importance of recycling and primary selection, and offers solutions to  citizens how they can recycle their waste.

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  1. jordandinge says:

    Odlična inicijativa i ja se pridružujem mladima

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